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Dear Friend:

Happy Friday and welcome to the April 30 edition of my Weekly Wrap!

BIG happenings this week:

  • Global Foundries moved their HQ to Malta
  • My colleagues and I are fighting against the Democrats’ proposed “Gas Tax”
  • Governor Cuomo’s Food Mandate FINALLY Repealed!
  • SBA announced Restaurant Revitalization Fund applications

Other important news:

  • Cleaning up the 43rd District in honor of Earth Day
  • Voting rights for convicted criminals?
  • Offering amendment to rescind the Governor’s emergency powers for the 39th time
  • A letter from the ARCC to the Governor regarding unemployment benefits
  • My statement on the unnecessary and unscientific wedding guidelines
  • Celebrating Arbor Day
  • Town of Halfmoon Shop Local Event (Hope to see you there!)
  • Advocating for Saratoga Springs

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– Senator Daphne Jordan, 43rd District

Weekend clean up in honor of Earth Day

This past weekend was beautiful, and I was happy to work alongside many volunteers in an effort to clean up various locations in the 43rd District!

First, we were in Waterford just outside the Historical Museum and Cultural Center. The event was organized by longtime volunteers Teri and Ward Patton, the New York State Canal Corporation, and Parks & Trails New York. Assisting with the cleanup were volunteers from Waterford Halfmoon school and Anastasia Garceau, Waterford Historical Museum Director.

My second stop was at Halfmoon Crescent Park, (along the Mohawk River) where I cleaned up alongside Supervisor Kevin Tollisen, Councilman John Wasielewski, and Councilman Paul Hotaling Also a big thank you to Debbie Curto, my Community Liaison, who attended both clean-ups with me!

On Sunday, we cleaned up at the Canal Trail in the Town of Saratoga. Other volunteers there were Saratoga County Historian Sean Kelleher, his wife Deborah, their daughter Erin, their son Henry, Town of Saratoga Deputy Supervisor Michael McLaughlin, Saratoga County History Center President Jere Blackwelder, local students, and residents. Together, we picked up trash, litter, and debris (bottles, broken glass, car tires, straws, paper, plastic, cups — even an old sink!) along the Canal Trail and roadside.

All told, MANY bags of trash were picked up this past weekend as part of this community volunteer effort in recognition of Earth Day 2021.

Voting rights for convicted criminals

Senate Democrats are sponsoring a bill (S.830B) that will give violent felons (murderers, rapists, and other violent offenders) out on parole the same voting rights as law-abiding citizens. A sentence is not completed until the person convicted of the crime has finished parole. This is NOT the first time that Senate Democrats have put criminals before communities. Their out-of-touch legislation continues to make our state less safe. I will continue advocating for the hardworking, law-abiding people of NY!

Global Foundries is moving its Headquarters to Malta, NY

Global Foundries, a company that manufactures advanced micro devices (AMD), has moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley, CA to Malta, NY. This is GREAT news for the Capital Region! The move is effective immediately.

Continuing the fight to restore NY’s checks and balances

Below is my press release regarding efforts to rescind Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers. To watch the video of my floor remarks, click HERE.

NYS Senator Daphne Jordan offers amendment to rescind Governor Cuomo’s expanded emergency powers

Today’s effort marks the 39th time that the Senate Democratic Majority has refused to act and end one-man-rule in New York State that is antithetical to democracy

Albany, NY – New York State Senator Daphne Jordan (R,C,I-Halfmoon) offered an amendment to rescind Governor Andrew Cuomo’s expanded emergency powers during today’s Senate Session.

Senator Jordan offered the amendment on behalf of the New York State Senate Republican Conference to Senate Bill S.543, a measure advanced by the Senate Democratic Majority, which ultimately rejected the good government amendment. For over a year, Governor Cuomo has wielded unilateral, unchecked Executive power and today marked the 39th attempt to rescind the Governor’s expanded emergency powers.

“Every day, it is more apparent that the bill the Democratic Majorities in the Senate and Assembly passed nearly eight weeks ago was nothing more than window dressing and a sham rescission decision aimed at providing themselves political cover from growing discontent over Governor Cuomo and his highly unpopular mandates. While it may have been announced in a press release with great fanfare that the state Legislature ‘stripped the Governor’s emergency powers,’ today we remain in the same place we were before with one man making all of the decisions without any scientific data to back up his arbitrary edicts,” Senator Jordan said.

“Today, for the 39th time, we offered a common-sense amendment to rescind Governor Cuomo’s expanded emergency powers. Ours is a true rescission bill, not a phony, fraudulent rescission measure like the one advanced by the Senate Democratic Majority. Our amendment is a genuine effort to restore checks and balances that have been absent for well over a year as this Governor continues acting unilaterally, unchecked, unaccountable, and without oversight,” Senator Jordan said.

“It’s sadly ironic that if the Majority’s sham of a rescission bill had never passed, the Governor’s extraordinary powers would have ended April 30. Instead, with their sham bill’s passage, his vastly expanded powers end when the pandemic is officially declared at an end,” Senator Jordan stated.

“This Governor, who is engulfed in various scandals and actively being investigated on multiple fronts, is still the one who decides if we have to eat a burger with a glass of wine, at what time people can enjoy that burger, or even where people can dance at weddings. He alone decides how businesses can operate and how sports are played,” Senator Jordan said.

“Worse still, this Governor continues issuing new orders without any scientific, sound rational basis, or explanation, even though it is required under the law. The Executive has put orders in place with zero input, oversight, or consultation from the state Legislature. Our businesses are frustrated, our schools are frustrated, and New Yorkers are frustrated. They have had enough of this Governor’s one-man rule that is antithetical to democracy. Once and for all, the Legislature must stand up and perform its constitutional duties as a separate branch of government,” Senator Jordan stated.

“It’s well beyond time to do the right thing and restore the state Legislature to our rightful role as a co-equal branch of government so we can finally get our economy moving again and get New Yorkers back on their feet. It’s incredibly disappointing that, for the 39th time, the Majority failed to join us in this important effort,” Senator Jordan concluded.


The proposed Gas Tax is a threat to the NYS economy

The Democrats are proposing a Gas Tax Bill (S4264A) that will NOT help New Yorkers, but what it will do is:

  • Raise gasoline tax by 55 cents per gallon, making NY’s gas tax 57 percent higher than ANY other state.
  • Raise natural gas heating tax by 26 percent, making it harder for New Yorkers to heat their homes and businesses.
  • Raise the cost of ANYTHING that needs transportation.

Legislation like this will only drive more people out of the state. It must not pass. My colleagues and I will continue fighting for the hardworking families of NY.

Below is my press release regarding the Gas Tax:

Pain at the Pump, Home Heating Hurt: Senator Daphne Jordan launches online petition opposing Senate Democrat’s proposed 55-cent gas tax hike

Says Senate Democrats' energy tax hike would cause NY motorists pain at the pump, increase the cost of natural gas for home heating by 25 percent, resulting in more people saying the state’s new motto: “I Leave NY”

Albany, NY –
 New York State Senator Daphne Jordan (R,C,I-Halfmoon) today announced the launch of her online petition aimed at building grassroots opposition to a proposal being advanced by the Senate Democratic Majority that would increase the cost of gas by as much as fifty-five cents per gallon and increase home heating costs by more than twenty-five percent.

The Democrat’s legislation would impose a carbon tax of $55 per ton of fossil fuel emissions to reach renewable energy mandates under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, passed by the Legislature in 2019.

According to the Tax Foundation, New York currently has the 7th highest gas tax in the country, at 43.12 cents per gallon with California presently the highest at 62.47 cents per gallon. This legislation would raise New York’s tax to 98.12 cents per gallon, an increase of more than 127 percent, and would make New York’s gas tax more than 57 percent higher than any other state. New York State has repeatedly been named as one of the worst business tax climates in the nation by the Tax Foundation.

“The Senate Democrat’s proposal would punish millions of New Yorkers by significantly increasing the cost of commuting to work, bringing children to school, taking a family day trip, or heating their homes. Higher taxes are never the answer and are a terrible idea for New York’s fragile economy caused by Cuomo’s COVID closures. We need to stop these proposals that drive up costs for hard-working families and instead advance common-sense measures that will make our state a more affordable place for everyone,” Senator Jordan said.

Senator Jordan launched an online petition to build grassroots opposition to the Albany Democrat’s proposed energy tax hike. The petition is available at Senator Jordan’s Senate website HERE.


Letter from the ARCC to Governor Cuomo

I have been hearing these very concerns from businesses across my 43rd Senate District who are also facing challenges in finding employees.

I join the ARCC in addressing the above letter to Governor Cuomo.

  • The DOL must return to pre-pandemic “work search requirements.”
  • Unemployment benefits should not be extended again.
  • We have to get people back to work in order to fund Unemployment Insurance for those who truly need it.
  • Businesses can’t keep competing with Unemployment Insurance payments.

Governor Cuomo’s Wedding Restrictions

I released this statement on Wednesday following Governor Cuomo’s updated wedding restrictions. There is no rhyme or reason to “King Cuomo’s” edicts. New Yorkers have had enough of his scandals and this madness. My colleagues in the NY Senate Republican Conference and I have pushed to end his emergency powers 39 times now, and we’ll keep trying!

More Guidelines

Photo from The New York Times

This week, many people were asking what the new restriction guidelines were, so I’m sharing them below. I’m very happy to see things going in the right direction, but we have much more to change. New Yorkers need their state OPEN.

  • The 12 a.m. food and beverage service curfew will be lifted for outdoor dining areas beginning May 17 and for indoor dining areas beginning May 31.
  • The 1 a.m. curfew for catered events where attendees have provided proof of vaccination status or a recent negative COVID-19 test result will be lifted May 31.
  • Catered events can resume at residences beginning May 3 above the State’s residential gathering limit of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors, as long as the events are staffed by a professional, licensed caterer, permitted by the respective locality or municipality, and strictly adhere to health and safety guidance, including social and event gathering limits, masks, and social distancing.
  • Also on May 3, the guidance for dancing among attendees at catered events will be aligned with neighboring states, replacing fixed dance zones for each table with social distancing and masks.
  • Starting May 3, seating at bars will be allowed in New York City, consistent with the food services guidance that is in effect statewide.
  • Capacities will be increased throughout several industries that have proven to safely reopen in accordance with the State’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, starting  May 15:
    • Gyms and fitness centers outside of New York City will increase from 33% to 50% capacity.
    • Casinos and gaming facilities will increase from 25% to 50% capacity.
    • Offices will increase from 50% to 75% capacity.

Governor Cuomo’s Food Mandate FINALLY Repealed!

Last year, Governor Cuomo enacted an inane mandate that anyone who visits a bar or restaurant and orders a drink, must also buy food. This order was unnecessary, leading to increased costs for patrons and restaurants and only making it harder for them to stay open. It was a sign of just how the Governor has abused his expanded emergency powers to exert total control over our state.

The Senate Republican Conference immediately called out this terrible decision and called for its repeal. We’ve continued to fight and this week, our pressure and our efforts paid off.

Thanks to many months of advocacy with my Senate Republican colleagues, the Democrat Majorities in both the Senate and the Assembly finally brought resolutions to the floor of both houses to repeal this Executive Order where they passed unanimously. The Democrat Majorities have had the power to repeal any Executive Order since the very first day Governor Cuomo was given his extraordinary emergency powers. It is past time to repeal more of them.

Going forward, I will continue to advocate for common sense strategies that enhance our quality of life and help our communities and small businesses recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Launching of restaurant & other food establishments relief by federal aid

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund was created last month, which provides $28.6 billion in direct relief to restaurants and other food establishments hit hardest by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced that registration to access these funds began this morning (April 30) at 9 a.m. The formal application process will start on Monday, May 3, at noon. The online application will remain open to any eligible establishment until all funds are exhausted.

To register and apply for Restaurant Revitalization Fund aid, visit the website HERE.

This is an opportunity for struggling restaurants and food-service businesses to access relief. I encourage you to apply for these funds; they will be crucial in helping our local economy rebuild from the economic devastation of the past year.

Arbor Day

Today is Arbor Day! The Arbor Day Foundation has launched a Time for Trees Initiative. Learn more or take part in a tree-planting event by visiting their website here.

Tomorrow: Town of Halfmoon Shop Local Event

Tomorrow my team will be at the Shop Local Event at the Town of Halfmoon Municipal Center where we will be set up for constituent services. I hope to see you there!

Advocating for Saratoga Springs

At the Saratoga Springs Amtrak this morning, I stood alongside Jeff Cannizzo, NYRA Director of Government Affairs; Skip Carlson, Saratoga Casino Hotel & Chair of Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce; Senator Jim Tedisco; Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner; Todd Shimkus, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce President; and Steve Strauss, Empire State Passengers Association Executive Director, to share our strong support for getting the Ethan Allen Line operating again sooner than late July, as our summer season starts earlier than July 19th!

This will make a BIG difference for Saratoga, being that tourism is a vital driver of our local economy. We’ve been advocating for and working towards a safe, sensible, science-based reopening since 2020, and it’s certainly time we welcome people to come visit Saratoga and enjoy all it has to offer.

Spring has sprung!

This is a picture I took this week from my office. It’s cloudy, but the grass is green and the buds on the trees are so pretty. It makes you feel alive and ready to go! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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